Forest Management Professionals
Merrill and Ring New Zealand Ltd is dedicated to providing independent forestry advice and services to help clients maximise the value from a forestry investment. We have offices in Blenheim (Marlborough) and in Wairoa (Nth Hawkes Bay).
Staff consist of 4 professionally (tertiary) trained foresters in Blenheim and 1 professionally trained forester in Wairoa. The Blenheim team each have decades of experience in the region and we have visited the majority of existing forests in the past so we can usually bring first-hand knowledge of the history and potential issues to any discussion.

Peter Gilbert NZ Certificate of Forestry, 38 years of forestry experience.
Kyle Heagney B.Forestry Science, 10 years of forestry experience.
Murray Turbitt B.Forestry Science, 38 years of forestry experience.
Philip Woodward NZ Certificate of Forestry, 30 years of forestry experience.
Graham Douglas B. Applied Science – Forestry and Natural Resource Management, 10 years of forestry experience.

Our clients range from large local body and large private companies through to smaller scale forest owners like farm foresters. In total we manage approximately 10,000 hectares of forested land and produce and sell approximately 200,000 tonnes of logs per year.

We have invested in technology to improve efficiency and accuracy such as:
  • A log delivery tracking and invoicing system called PSLOG to manage logging income and costs.
  • Pre-harvest crop measurement and estimates of log volumes available from future harvests.
  • Purpose-built economic appraisal process which facilitate harvesting decisions and allow tracking of actual performance in comparison to budgets.
  • Specialist crop measurement and growth modelling software to predict future growth and yield of plantation species for tree crop valuations, harvest planning, logging costing negotiations.
  • Tree crop valuation, cash-flow budgeting software.
  • GPS for measuring land areas and distances etc.
  • Computer based tree crop management recording system.
  • Yield regulation and harvest wood-flow simulation system.
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